MANJULLA MANJJOTRA NAIR’s life reflects an entrepreneur’s journey…losing, moving on & rebuilding!

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Industry: Marketing

Release Date: 10th June 2022

Company: A Buzz Company
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Meet Manjulla Manjjotra Nair

She is the Founder & CEO of A Buzz Company which she founded in 2015.

A Buzz Company is an Outsourced Chief Marketing Officers venture that provides Marketing & Communication to companies who cannot effort full time marketing teams. It also has an initiative by the name of “Creative Bharat”, a digital media and publication -platform for startups to stand out. It conducts interviews of founders, co-founders and CXOs providing them with media visibility and visibility within the VC community.

Following the success of A Buzz Company, Manjulla launched another initiative under its umbrella, Global News Terminal – a Saas based product – in 2019, to make public relations more affordable and approachable for startups and SMEs.

Since its launch in 2015, A Buzz Company has catered to over 100 global clients spanning India, USA, UK, Australia, UAE, ISR, Japan & Singapore. It has interviewed and promoted around 800 start-ups in India, APAC & USA region as featured in “Creative Bharat”.

Going forward, A Buzz Company plans to launch 35 publications specific to different industry types under “The Bharat Series”.

Prior to founding A Buzz Company, Manjulla was a Senior Marketing & Communications professional with 20+ years of experience in handling 360° Marketing & Communications primarily with large IT Companies in India. However, she started her career in the media industry working for likes of O&M, Lowe Lintas etc.

Being the Lead of the APAC-J Marketing Team at Amdocs from 2009 to 2015 and was responsible for Amdocs India winning National Telecom Award & Graham Bell Award for two consecutive years in 2010 and 2011. She managed over 90 Press Conferences within India & APAC region and drove the analyst relations.

Being instrumental in handling the Satyam crisis in 2008-09 has been the biggest milestone of Manjulla’s career while she was Global Marketing & Communications Lead for Satyam BPO Limited (now Mahindra Satyam). Not many marketers get a chance to handle corporate crisis’ and this gave her an opportunity to prove her mettle as one. She and her team had a key role in squashing the negative publicity with positive news, keeping employees encouraged to come to work every day, developing confidence and building trust with customers towards a positive outcome.

In her first leadership role with Sapient Corporation, she was responsible for getting the company to be amongst Business Today’s Top 5 ‘Best Company to Work For’ for two consecutive years 2006 and 2007.

At Hewlett Packard, she was responsible for planning and hosting visits of C-level representatives of global customers. She handled over 500 prominent client visits amongst whom were visit of Mark Shuttleworth, Founder of Ubuntu and the first tourist to space; CXOs of Fortune 100 companies like AT&T, General Motors, Ford, T Mobile, Bell Canada, Airbus, Boeing etc.; and Senior Foreign Government Officials

Besides managing her company, she has been very active in the startup communities in Pune as a Mentor and Seed Investor. Additionally, she is an industry speaker, mentor in many start-up forums and education institutions across the country. She has also been associated with organizations such as Google’s initiative for Startup Grind & Startup Weekend, IIT Roorkee, Vishwakarma University, and MIT for mentoring around various growth topics. In all, Manjulla has mentored over 1K start-ups, and over 10K individuals, entrepreneur leaders, founders, co-founders, and CEOs. Additionally, 1Mn+ students have attended her Marketing & Communications, Digital Marketing & PR Training sessions.

For her contributions, she has been awarded the Suryadatta Stree Shakti Rashtriya Purushkar 2022 organized by Suryadatta Group of Education Institutes on International Women’s Day 2022. She was also recognized as the Women Chief Marketing Officer for the year 2016 at the India Women Empowerment & Leadership Summit organised by Government of India. She is also the recipient of the Most Talented Marketing Professional Award – Corporate Excellence in 2014 by the prestigious World Marketing Forum – a global forum for marketers.

BUT…how did she get here?

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