NISHA DUTT kept connecting dots while going with the flow of her life

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Industry: Data

Release Date: 19th August 2021

Company: Decodem ai
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Meet Nisha Dutt

She is the Founder of Decodem ai which she founded in 2019 with Harsha Angeri. ( is an on demand, insight generation and insight streaming platform. It decodes deluge of data for insights across major thematic areas such as health & wellness, mobility, sustainability, and Technology. Unlike traditional approaches to insight generation, writes software codes and uses AI techniques to generate insights. Thus, such machine generated insights are unbiased, scalable and refreshable, and beyond human’s capabilities. It breaks human’s limited brain capacity to process the deluge and augments them to increase knowledge consumption per unit time.

In a span of mere 2 years of existence, several global consulting firms, top Indian universities, Fortune 500 companies have benefited from’s approach. has also attracted seed funding from Deep Tech Venture Fund and is in the process of building its on-demand insights platform.

Nisha has almost two decades of work experience spanning both industry and advisory functions and held senior management and CXO positions. She has consulted client CXOs, Development Financial Institutions (DFIs), Foundations and solving variety of issues ranging from company’s profitability to issues that affect developing economies at large. She also sits on the Board of Directors of multiple companies.

Prior to founding, she was the CEO of Intellecap, an advisory firm operating in the area of inclusive development and sustainable advisory space. Under her leadership, Intellecap grew multi-fold in terms of geographies catered to, human capital and revenues. Prior to becoming CEO, she helmed the consulting advisory at Intellecap where she helped tackle multiple issues like Tuberculosis, eye diseases, water, malaria, sanitation, incubation etc.

Prior to joining Intellecap, Nisha trained in a Big 4 consulting firm where spent bulk of her time working with CXOs solving issues challenging them.

She has been conferred Social Entrepreneur of the Year award at the 7th Asian Awards in London in May 2017 and has been recognised as 2018 W-Power Trailblazers by Forbes India

BUT…how did she get here?

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